A Software company founded in 2008, We are a digital transformation consultancy and engineering company we provide software development services. Having started as a small security systems provider, we switched completely into software development in 2011, ever since we have been helping companies and established brands reimagine their business through digitalization and quickly win new customers. READ MORE




Our end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions allow enterprises to safely and efficiently manage the extensive use of mobile devices that can support a large number of users in their business environment.

SECANT has grown into a software engineering conglomerate with wide-ranging expertise in all the areas needed for dependable software development

SECANT  is your reliable digital transformation partner. Leverage our expertise in using digital technologies to create new or modify existing business processes to meet changing market requirements



Stay ahead with effective data management strategy, predictive analytics, and intelligentautomation using our in-depth knowledge of emerging technologies such as Big Data, Data Science, Cognitive Computing, Blockchain, and more.

Companies that are on the lookout for product development partners or outsourcing partners can leverage our expertise and rich experience in product development and desktop application development. The secant’s team can adapt to the clients’ processes and blend in quickly.

Secant offers a wide range of engineering services in CAD and related domain areas. Our strength is our developers who bring with them the expertise of having worked on CAD systems on cutting-edge solutions for several years.